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journeyPod has teamed up with Canada eConnect to bring you some interesting behind the scenes info from the Canadian Travel Industry.  Canada eConnect was very excited to have two Miss Canadas help present awards to the winners at the eTourism Awards.  Special thanks to Alesia Fieldberg (Miss Canada 2008) and Lorenza Sammarelli (Miss Canada 2003) for adding a bit of elegance and grace to the Awards.

Miss Canada does a good bit of charity work and supports the Teddy Bears of Hope Campaign.  She is an amazing ambassador for Canada as she helps collect and deliver teddy bears to children in need around the globe.  You can see more info about this great cause here. 

Listen in as we hear from the current Miss Canada- the lovely Alesia Fieldberg. 


Travel Spike and Canada eConnect bring you behind the scenes of the first ever Canada eTourism Awards in Vancouver.  The awards recognized excellence in online marketing, blogging, video, photos, and more.  Small and large businesses were equally represented from both the private and public sector.  Consumer travelers were also eligible to enter and win the awards. 

The awards were handed out by not one but two Miss Canadas.  Listen in for a quick recap of the evening sponsored by the CTC and Yahoo Canada.


Travel Spike has teamed up with Canada eConnect to produce these podcasts and offer information about the Canada eConnect Conference.  The conference was a great success and brought together top speakers from around the world.  The delegates came from all parts of the Canadian Travel Industry including public and private sector.  The sessions were interactive and covered a wide variety of topics including:


Mobile marketing

Online Strategy


Social Networking

Buzz Marketing

Viral Marketing

Email Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Online Video

SEO and Search Engine Marketing

Destination Marketing

Listen in as we review the first Canada eTourism Strategy Conference.  We review the concept for the show, the eTourism Awards, and more.